​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   Midwifery Pathways in Practice (MidPiP) pathways are pathways to midwifery, pathways in practice, pathways to leadership and Mentoring in Midwifery

Midwives value the opportunity for  ongoing professional development. Midwifery Pathways in Practice (MidPiP) aims to assist current and emerging midwives in navigating opportunities for professional growth, support, and optimal practice. By recognising the unique potential of each midwife, MidPiP adds value and sustainability to the midwifery profession by providing a roadmap of resources and pathways.

​​​Access a collection of tools and resources for education, support and professional practice.​

MidPiP collection of tools are education, support and professional practice


Access to MidPiP will be available soon, check this website for updates.

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Current as at: Wednesday 6 March 2024
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