Safe and Supported at Home (SASH) packages provide home care services for clients with functional impairments to allow them to remain independent and safe at home, delivered through the Out of Hospital Care (OHC) Program.

This information sheet provides key information for local health districts (LHDs).

Last updated: 21 July 2021

​What are Safe and Supported at Home (SASH) packages?

SASH packages are delivered through the NSW Ministry of Health Out of Hospital Care (OHC) Program.

These packages offer low to medium levels of home care services aimed at supporting clients with functional impairments to remain independent and safe at home.

Packages are available for up to six weeks at a time. Following the review of a client’s care needs, repeat packages may be offered for further support.

What is provided?

Case management

Each client is allocated a Case Manager who will be their main contact throughout the SASH package. The Case Manager will visit the person at home to assess their needs. They will co-ordinate and monitor service provision according to the client’s needs and identified goals.

The following services ​may be provided depending on the client’s assessed needs:

Domestic assistance

Cleaning, laundry and assistance with shopping

Personal care

Assistance with bathing, grooming and dressing


Assistance with meal preparation


For medical and other appointments

Social support

Accompaniment to appointments


In-home respite to support carers

Who can refer?

Clinicians can identify andrefer clients from LHD in-patient, out-patient, and community teams including: Chronic Care, Therapy, Mental Health and Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT).

The LHD SASH Co-ordinator or key contact will screen clients to determine their eligibility for the SASH Package.

The LHD OHC Relationship Manager will monitor package utilisation, demand and availability.

How do I refer?

Once a client has been identified and screened by staff, LHD referral protocols need to be followed. This may be:  

  •  A direct referral to the Service Provider using the OHC referral form
  • A direct referral via the Service Provider’s Intake Portal
  •  A referral via the LHD centralised intake service

Who is eligible?

A person who:

  • is aged between 18 – 64 years,
  • has functional impairments that impact on their ability to manage activities of daily living. This may include a functional, sensory or psycho-social disability,
  • has no or limited informal supports,
  • has commenced the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) application process and has received a reference number and,
  • has had their application to the NDIS rejected or requires support while reapplying to the NDIS or appealing an access decision.

What happens after a SASH package ends?  

The Case Manager may:

  • transition clients to an ongoing service via the NDIS or My Aged Care.
  • provide the client with information if they wish to engage services at a later date.

Client contribution

Clients will be asked to make a contribution of no more than $10 per week. The inability to pay will not exclude any person from accessing this program.

Current as at: Wednesday 21 July 2021
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