Would the grant recipient receive additional support to deliver the objectives? (e.g. recommended education and training programs, best practice guides etc.)

The successful applicant will be responsible for providing the activities to meet the objectives. For example, education and training and networking opportunities, and identifying and promoting best practice, throughout the term of the funding agreement. This will include identifying any existing best practice guides that can be leveraged.

In relation to the Assessment Criterion:  'Provide a brief overview of the proposed VSSP.' Does the applicant need to have an existing program in place (not funded by other NSW Health funding)? Or is a proposal sufficient?

The applicant does not need to have an existing program in place, however they need to demonstrate readiness to set this up in line with specifications in the guidelines. A proposal for a project/program is sufficient.

Will another funding round be available in 2025 or is this a one-off opportunity?

There will be no further grant opportunities for this program in 2025.  There is one grant available, at a total value of $900,000 over 3 years (FY2024-25 to FY2026-27).

Are local health districts (LHDs) eligible to apply for these grants?

 This grant has been classified as a program grant.  In line with 2.4.3 of the PD2019_013 Administration of NSW Health Grant Funding for Non-Government Organisations, the opportinity is not limited to NGOs and funding can be provided to other government departments and organisations. This would include LHDs.

What is the scope of this funding opportunity?

This funding is for an organisation to manage and further develop the existing Palliative Care Volunteer Services Support Program (VSSP) from July 2024 to June 2027, providing a statewide operational framework for volunteer participation in end of life and palliative care.

What is the Palliative Care Volunteer Services Support Program (VSSP)?

The VSSP is a sector development initiative for volunteers, volunteer managers, volunteer services, and local health districts. The VSSP is not directly involved in the operational management of volunteers. The VSSP provides capability development through training, information sharing, mentoring and other activities; peer support; support for the application of good practice; and facilitating access to tools and resources.

Can I just apply for one year's funding?

No, applications must be to deliver the VSSP program from July 2024 to June 2027.

The closing date stated on the website (25 April) is a public holiday.  Can I submit our application on Friday 26 April?

Yes, in recognition of the public holiday on 25 April, we will accept applications received by 12pm, Friday 26 April. Any applications received after 12pm on Friday 26 April will be lodged as a late application.


Current as at: Wednesday 3 April 2024