Aggression is never okay

These holidays, NSW Health is running a public awareness campaign to remind the community that aggression towards hospital or ambulance staff is not acceptable.

Dealing with aggression impacts the ability of emergency department nurses, doctors, hospital security, paramedics and call takers to provide care to patients.

I really enjoy working for NSW Ambulance, but aggression should never be a part of my job.

 Cameron, Duty Control Centre Officer.

The social media campaign runs from Monday 19 December 2022 to Thursday 26 January 2023, to coincide with the Christmas, New Year and Australia Day holiday period.

Every time we are dealing with aggression, we're not helping someone else.

Brian, Hospital Security

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    NSW ambulance and hospitals are here to help you. But aggression is never okay.

     Jannice, Extended Care Paramedic

    Thank you for supporting staff to provide the best care for patients.

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