The State Operational Data Store (ODS) is a state-wide repository with curated data from multiple source systems from all Local Health Districts, Specialty Health Networks and external systems managed by Service NSW and the Commonwealth Government. It's a critical part of NSW Health’s Business Information Strategy to support real time operational views. ​

The State ODS underpins numerous Policies and Procedures and supports enterprise applications used by over 26,000 NSW Health staff including:

  • Patient Flow Portal/Emergency Access View Dashboard: used to manage patient flow and care coordination across hospitals, LHDs, the State as well as with ACT Health and Network with Victoria.
  • Revenue Portal: used to support and improve revenue performance by identifying opportunities to increase revenue from patient fees in real time.
  • Clinician Billing Portal: used by Staff Specialist clinicians to capture Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items.


Support sites

For access to education resources, NSW Health Staff can visit the support sites available for each application (StaffLink ID and password required).

Current as at: Friday 1 March 2024
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