It is mandatory for pharmacists to record the details of sales of over-the-counter packs of pseudoephedrine from community pharmacy in an online, real-time electronic form, at the time of supply, in accordance with the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008 (the Regulation).

The electronic recording of pseudoephedrine sales must be in an approved electronic form that meets the  Criteria for Electronic Form to Record Pseudoephedrine Sales. The only electronic form that is approved is Project STOP.

If a pharmacist does not know the identity of the person to whom pseudoephedrine is being supplied, he or she must record the unique reference number of a photo identification document. This means that a customer requesting a pseudoephedrine-based product must present an acceptable form of photographic identification. A digital driver licence is an acceptable form of identification under the Regulation.

For enquiries regarding subscriptions to Project STOP, contact the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch) on (02) 9467 7100.

For subscribers with enquiries regarding web-browser access, technical matters, or functionality of Project STOP, contact the GuildCare Support Team on 1300 137 608, or email

The Guide to the Requirements of the NSW Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Legislation for the Supply of Schedule 3 Substances​ from Pharmacies contains some explanatory notes on requirements. 





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