Prescribing scheduled drugs

An authority from the NSW Ministry of Health is required to prescribe or supply particular drugs.

A pharmacist in NSW cannot dispense a prescription for those drugs unless the prescription bears an authority number issued by the NSW Ministry of Health.

Loss/theft of drugs or prescriptions

The loss or theft of an S4 drug must immediately be notified to the Secretary of NSW Health.You can also report lost, stolen or forged prescription stationery or prescriptions and help reduce trafficking of drugs of abuse.


Legislative requirements

Guides to the handling of drugs, including legal requirements for the prescribing and supply of drugs of addiction and restricted substances.

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SafeScript NSW

SafeScript NSW will give prescribers and pharmacists real-time information about your prescription history for certain high-risk medicines such as opioids and benzodiazepines to help them make safer decisions about your care and to keep you safe when taking your medicines.


Opioid treatment in NSW

The NSW Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) seeks to reduce the social, economic and health harms associated with opioid use.

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