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Ross River virus disease in inland NSW: higher than average notifications in 2007-08 2010 21

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Letter to the Editor 2000 11
Periodontal diseases and systemic health: associations, directions, implications 1999 10
Letter to the Editor 1999 10

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Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin - Trachoma 2011 22

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Haemolytic uraemic syndrome: a cluster of cases in early 1999 1999 10

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the 2010 Data Quality Survey
2012 23
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Title Year Volume
Imported malaria notified in NSW and the ACT, including trends in notifications of Plasmodium
, 1989 to 2003
2005 16
Halving deaths from cervical cancer 2003 14
Estimating a woman’s risk of breast cancer: the effects of age and family history 2001 12
Interval breast cancers in NSW 2001 12
Counting on Cancer Registry 1991 2

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Title Year Volume
Enteric disease outbreak reporting, NSW, Australia, 2000 to 2005 2008 19
Evaluation of the system of surveillance for enteric disease outbreaks, NSW, Australia, 2000 to 2005 2008 19
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Tennant, Kay

Title Year Volume
Greater Granville Regeneration Strategy 2007 18

Tennant, Marc

Title Year Volume
Public and private dental services in NSW: a geographic information system analysis of access to care
for 7 million Australians
2014 24

Terare, Maurice

Title Year Volume
The Chronic Care Service Enhancement Program 2012 23

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Title Year Volume
Mental health strategy 1990 1

Terracini, Elizabeth

Title Year Volume
A framework for applying a health outcomes approach 1995 6

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Title Year Volume
Risk factors for sporadic Salmonella Birkenhead infection in Queensland and northern NSW: a case
control study
2004 15

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Transition of the NSW Public Health Bulletin to Public Health Research & Practice 2014 24
Reflections on 24 years of the NSW Public Health Bulletin 2014 24
Fostering population health research in NSW: the role of research infrastructure 2011 22
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in NSW 2010 21
Rapid versus intermediate health impact assessment of foreshore development plans 2007 18
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Health surveillance during the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games 2000 11
Health surveillance on cruise ships during the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games 2000 11
Coordinating public health services at Olympic venues during the Sydney 2000 Olympic and
Paralympic Games
2000 11
Public health surveillance during the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games 2000 11
Licit and illicit drug use in NSW 1999 10

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Councils, commitment, opportunity and relationships: how they combine to promote physical activity 1997 8

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Title Year Volume
Evaluation of a targeted immunisation program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infants
in an urban setting
2008 19

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Improving participation by Aboriginal children in blood lead screening services in Broken Hill, NSW 2012 23
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin - Sexually transmissible infections and bloodborne viruses in Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander populations
2012 23
Characteristics of fall-related injuries attended by an ambulance in Sydney, Australia: a surveillance
2011 22
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin - Refugee health 2010 21

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Title Year Volume
Challenges in the use of tests to diagnose tuberculosis infection [letter] 2013 24

Thompson, Susan M

Title Year Volume
The Healthy Built Environments Program: a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Health and
the University of NSW
2010 21
A planner's perspective on the health impacts of urban settings 2007 18

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Title Year Volume
Survey of public swimming pools in the Mid Western Area Health Service: 2000–2001 2001 12

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Title Year Volume
Exercise to prevent falls in older adults: an updated meta-analysis and best practice recommendations 2011 22
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Hospital and non-hospital costs for fall-related injury in community-dwelling older people 2009 20

Timperio, Anna

Title Year Volume
Can the impact on health of a government policy designed to create more liveable neighbourhoods be evaluated? An overview of the RESIDential Environment Project 2007 18

Tobin, Sean

Title Year Volume
Infectious diseases in returned travellers, NSW, 2010-2011 2014 24
EpiReview - Meningococcal disease in NSW, 1991-2011: trends in relation to meningococcal C
2013 24
EpiReview - Typhoid fever, NSW, 2005-2011 2013 24
Trends and risk factors for hepatitis A in NSW, 2000-2009: the trouble with travel 2012 23
EpiReview - Notifications of Q fever in NSW, 2001-2010 2012 23

Todd, Angela

Title Year Volume
NSW Health Aboriginal Health Impact Statement: references and resources about Aboriginal people and Aboriginal health 2003 14
Improving the quality and management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health information in NSW 2000 11
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Title Year Volume
Letter to the Editor 2000 11
Cupid and the tooth fairy: the link between cardiovascular disease and oral health 1999 10

Tokley, Ros

Title Year Volume
Reduction in staff smoking rates in North Coast Area Health Service, NSW, following the introduction of a smoke-free workplace policy 2010 21

Tomlinson, Jo

Title Year Volume
How does tele-learning compare with other forms of education delivery? A systematic review
of tele-learning educational outcomes for health professionals
2013 24

Toneguzzi, Ruth

Title Year Volume
Measuring the amount of lead in indoor dust: long-term dust-fall accumulation in petri dishes
(a pilot study)
1997 8
The Hunter-Illawarra study of airways and air pollution: refining the process 1995 6
Assessing the impact of a new motorway on children's blood lead levels 1995 6

Tooth, Isla

Title Year Volume
Craniosynostosis in NSW 1993 4

Toouli, George

Title Year Volume
A cluster of meningococcal cases in Campbelltown 1992 3

Torres, Maria

Title Year Volume
Development of a standardised regional report from the NSW Health Survey Program 2005 16
Review of public health advice about ticks 2004 15

Torvaldsen, Siranda

Title Year Volume
Trends in notifiable blood lead levels in NSW, 1998-2008 2012 23
Trends and risk factors for hepatitis A in NSW, 2000-2009: the trouble with travel 2012 23
Eye health services for Aboriginal people in the western region of NSW, 2010 2012 23
Do variations in pertussis notifications reflect incidence or surveillance practices? A comparison of infant notification rates and hospitalisation data in NSW 2003 14

Totaro, Richard J

Title Year Volume
Pig in a china shop: a personal perspective of how pandemic (H1N1) 2009 affected the work of
intensive care units in NSW
2010 21
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza 2010 21

Towler, Bernie

Title Year Volume
Should we screen for colorectal cancer? 1994 5
Investigation of an outbreak of gastroenteritis on a container ship returning from Asia 1994 5
In-line skating injuries in children in eastern Sydney 1994 5

Tracey, Elizabeth

Title Year Volume
Status report on redeveloping the NSW Central Cancer Registry 2001 12
Cancer in NSW: incidence and mortality 1997 2001 12

Travis, Susan

Title Year Volume
Using the International Classification of Diseases with HOIST 2001 12
NSW Birth Defects Register - 1994 report 1996 7

Trent, Marianne

Title Year Volume
Why are children on the NSW North Coast not being vaccinated against chickenpox? 2011 22
Doctors’ notifications of pertussis 1998 9

Trevena, Lyndal J

Title Year Volume
Problem-based learning in public health workforce training: a discussion of the educational principles
and evidence
2007 18

Truman, George

Title Year Volume
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin - Cyanobacteria: health and research possibilities 2014 24
Invasive pneumococcal disease in western Sydney, 2002-2010 2011 22
An influenza prophylaxis clinic in a primary school: 24 hours from notification to protection 2010 21
Ross River virus in Western Sydney: a serological survey 2003 14

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Title Year Volume
Mind, body, spirit: co-benefits for mental health from climate change adaptation and caring for
country in remote Aboriginal Australian communities
2010 21

Tuck, Marshall D

Title Year Volume
EpiReview - Epidemiology of newly diagnosed HIV infection in NSW, 1994–2003 2005 16

Turahui, John

Title Year Volume
Lessons from a respiratory illness outbreak in an aged-care facility 2008 19

Turner, I

Title Year Volume
Investigation of possible patient-to-patient transmission of hepatitis C in a hospital 1994 5

Turner, Jane

Title Year Volume
Psychosocial guidelines in cancer care and support 2001 12

Turnour, Caroline

Title Year Volume
Reporting of Aboriginal people in health data collections in NSW 2012 23

Turrell, Gavin

Title Year Volume
Reducing socioeconomic health inequalities: issues of relevance for policy 2002 13

Tutt, Douglas C

Title Year Volume
Enforcing law on tobacco sales to minors: getting the question and action right 2008 19

Tynan, Katherine

Title Year Volume
Area Cancer Control Network: from cottage industry to strategic care 2001 12

Tyner, Sophie E

Title Year Volume
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza vaccine roll-out in NSW 2010 21
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Mass gatherings and public health: preparing for World Youth Day 2008 2009 20
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