Vagholkar, Sanjyot

Title Year Volume
A polio intervention in East African refugees to NSW 2009 20
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Refugee health 2007 18

van Beek, Ingrid

Title Year Volume
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Infectious diseases in homeless people  2008 19
Approaches to injecting drug use in Kings Cross: a review of the last 10 years 2000 11

van Beurden, Eric K

Title Year Volume
Reduction in staff smoking rates in North Coast Area Health Service, NSW, following the introduction
of a smoke-free workplace policy
2010 21
The Mull Hypothesis: is cannabis use contributing to high tobacco use prevalence among young
North Coast males?
2008 19
Smoke Free Health Care: an organisational change to increase effective intervention for tobacco 2008 19

Vaneckova, Pavla

Title Year Volume
Admission to hospital for effects of heat and light: NSW, 1993–94 to 2003–04 2008 19

Van Neil, Kimberley

Title Year Volume
Can the impact on health of a government policy designed to create more liveable neighbourhoods be evaluated? An overview of the RESIDential Environment Project 2007 18

Vanneman, Julie

Title Year Volume
Creating supportive environments for physical activity 1997 8

Vella, Jennifer

Title Year Volume
Lessons learnt from the management of multiple contacts of a case of pertussis in a delivery suite 1999 10

Vimpani, Graham

Title Year Volume
Home visiting: an essential building block to support families 1998 9
The seduction of medicine by health outcomes: from meaning to measurement 1995 6

Viney, Kerri A

Title Year Volume
Evaluation of three population health capacity building projects delivered by videoconferencing in NSW 2009 20
The evaluation of web-based data collection for enhanced surveillance of cryptosporidiosis 2008 19
EpiReview – Pertussis in NSW, 1993-2005: the impact of vaccination policy on pertussis epidemiology 2007 18
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis: an outbreak in NSW 2006 17
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – HIV in 2005: the current situation and directions for the future 2006 17

Viney, Rosalie

Title Year Volume
Program budgeting and marginal analysis in NSW 1997 8
Program budgeting and marginal analysis: a guide to resource allocation 1995 6

Visotina, Maria

Title Year Volume
The Sydney Olympics: a win for public health 2003 14
Keeping the dream alive—and healthy: public health preparations for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and
Paralympic Games
2000 11
Coordination of the NSW Health Olympic Effort 2000 11
Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games: the Public Health Service Strategy 1998 9

Vita, Philip

Title Year Volume
Measuring risk factors that can be modified to prevent cancer 2001 12
Increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruit: a national public health call to action 2001 12
A strategic framework for skin cancer prevention in NSW 2001 12
NSW Health establishes the Centre for Public Health Nutrition 2000 11

Vogelnest, Larry

Title Year Volume
Tuberculosis: an emerging zoonosis 2013 24
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin - Diagnosis, investigation and management of tuberculosis at an
Australian zoo
2013 24

Vohra, Salim

Title Year Volume
International perspective on health impact assessment in urban settings 2007 18

von Kolpakow, Michael

Title Year Volume
Community and consumer participation in health 2002 13

Vos, Theo

Title Year Volume
Socioeconomic differentials in life expectancy and years of life lost in Victoria, 1992–1996 2001 12

Voukelatos, Alex

Title Year Volume
Community involvement and self-rated health status: findings from a cross-sectional survey in
Central Sydney
2003 14
Central Sydney Tai Chi Trial: methodology 2002 13
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