Q fever

See also notifications - Year in Review

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Year in review: health protection in NSW, 2011 2012 23 7-8
EpiReview - Notifications of Q fever in NSW, 2001-2010 Chris P Lowbridge, Sean Tobin, Holly Seale, Mark J Ferson 2012 23 1-2
A review of the efficacy of human Q fever vaccine registered in Australia Clayton Chiu, David N Durrheim 2007 18 7-8
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Q fever Melissa J Irwin, Andrew R Lloyd, Peter D Massey 2007 18 7-8
Review of public health advice about ticks Maria Torres, Victor Carey 2004 15 11-12
Communicable Diseases Report, NSW, September and October 2004 2004 15 11-12
Q fever register developed to address health concern in the meat industry 2002 13 5
Factsheet – Q fever 2002 13 8
EpiReview – Notifications of Q fever in NSW, 1991–2000 Ming Lin, Valerie Delpech, Jeremy M McAnulty, Sue Campbell-Lloyd 2001 12 6
Infectious diseases 1996 7 8
Infectious diseases 1995 6 11
Infectious diseases 1993 4 5
Q fever vaccination program in New England region Greg Bell, Cathy Johnson, John Rooney 1992 3 6
Infectious diseases 1992 3 2
Infectious diseases 1991 2 1
Infectious diseases 1991 2 5

qualitative research

See also community-based participatory research (CBPR)

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Doing good qualitative research in public health: not as easy as it looks Stacy M Carter, Jan E Ritchie, Peter Sainsbury 2009 20 7-8
The Indigenous Resiliency Project: a worked example of community-based participatory research Julie Mooney-Somers, Lisa Maher 2009 20 7-8
How do general practitioners persuade parents to vaccinate their children? A study using standardised scenarios Julie Leask 2009 20 7-8
Understanding policy influence and the public health agenda Jenny M Lewis 2009 20 7-8

quality assurance

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Readmissions to hospital: an indicator of quality of care before and during the waiting list reduction program Kathy Jong, Paul Corben 1998 9 3
What is the difference between quality assurance and health outcomes? Johanna I Westbrook, Michael Frommer, George L Rubin 1993 4 12
Quality and population George L Rubin, Michael Frommer, Johanna I Westbrook 1993 4 12

quarantinable diseases

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Isolation and quarantine during pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza in NSW: the operational experience of public health units Philippa L Binns, Vicky Sheppeard, Michael P Staff 2010 21 1-2
Ethical challenges in planning for an influenza pandemic Julie Letts 2006 17 9-10
Public health response to a suspected case of Lassa fever Mark D Bek, Kerry Chant, Betty Rees, Tania Sorrell, Michael H Levy, Michael J Fett 1993 4 9
Quarantinable diseases 1992 3 9


Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Smokers respond to anti-tobacco mass media campaigns in NSW by calling the Quitline Trish Cotter, Donna A Perez, Anita L Dessaix, James F Bishop 2008 19 3-4
Delivering smoking cessation information in the workplace using Quit Online Sue Hailstone, Amy Wyndham, Elayne N Mitchell 2005 16 1-2
A report on the NSW Tobacco Action Plan 2001-2004 Julie Anne Mitchell, Sue Hailstone 2004 15 5-6
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