See immunisation

vaccine-preventable diseases

See haemophilus influenzae b infections; measles; meningococcal disease; mumps; notifications - vaccine-preventable diseases; pertussis (whooping cough); pneumococcal disease

vaccine storage

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Vaccine storage in south west New South Wales Glenda Fisher, Tony Kolbe 1996 7 8
Public health abstracts - The need to improve storage of vaccines 1995 6 6

vancomycin-resistant enterococci

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Infectious diseases 1996 7 7

varicella zoster

See also chickenpox; shingles

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Why are children on the NSW North Coast not being vaccinated
against chickenpox?
Marianne Trent 2011 22 11-12
NSW Annual Immunisation Coverage Report, 2009 Brynley Hull, Aditi Dey, Deepika Mahajan, Sue Campbell-Lloyd,
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Making influenza vaccination mandatory for health care workers:
the views of NSW Health administrators and clinical leaders
Julie Leask, Charles M Helms,
Maria Y Chow, Spring C Cooper Robbins, Peter B McIntyre
2010 21 9-10
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Varicella zoster Stephanie Blows, Kristine Macartney, Sue Campbell-Lloyd 2005 16 11-12

vector-borne diseases

See also notifications - vectorborne diseases; notifications - Year in Review

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Year in review: health protection in NSW, 2012 2013 24 3
Communicable Diseases Report, NSW, January and
February 2011
2011 22 3-4
One Health: much more than a slogan Robert Hall, David N Durrheim 2011 22 5-6
A review of the epidemiology and surveillance of viral zoonotic encephalitis and the impact on human health in Australia Beverley J Paterson, John S Mackenzie, David N Durrheim,
David Smith
2011 22 5-6
One Health in NSW: coordination of human and animal health
sector management of zoonoses of public health significance
Sheena Adamson, Andrew Marich,
Ian Roth
2011 22 5-6
Discovering novel zoonotic viruses Lin-Fa Wang 2011 22 5-6
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin - Dengue Timothy J Hayden, Cameron E Webb 2011 22 5-6
Year in review: health protection in NSW, 2010 2011 22 7-8
Bug Breakfast in the Bulletin – Tick-borne diseases Chris P Lowbridge, Stephen L
Doggett, Stephen Graves
2011 22 11-12
Climate change and health: impacts, vulnerability, adaptation
and mitigation
Tord Kjellstrom, Haylee J Weaver 2009 20 1-2
Unwanted guests: the miseries, the dangers and the glorious
future of biting insects and vector-borne diseases in NSW
Krishna Hort, Stephen J Corbett 2004 15 11-12
Population health aspects of mosquito-borne disease in NSW Stephen L Doggett 2004 15 11-12
Overview of the public health implications of cockroaches and
their management
Peter Miller, Bryce Peters 2004 15 11-12
Review of public health advice about ticks Maria Torres, Victor Carey 2004 15 11-12

vibrio vulnificus

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
News and comment 1991 2 3


Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Environmentally sustainable health care: using an educational intervention to engage the public health medical workforce in Australia Kate E Charlesworth, D Lynne
Madden, Anthony G Capon
2013 24 2
Evaluation of three population health capacity building projects delivered by videoconferencing in NSW Jacq Hackett, D Lynne Madden,
Kerri A Viney, Carlie-Jane Naylor
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Dias Soewido, John M Sanders
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Use of communication technology among public health professionals in NSW, Australia Carlie-Jane Naylor, D Lynne
Madden, Deborah J Oong
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NSW Telehealth Initiative—2005 Symposium 2005 16 5-6
Bug Breakfast on the NSW Health intranet Carlie-Jane Naylor 2005 16 5-6
Celebrating 15 years of Bug Breakfast D Lynne Madden, Jeremy M McAnulty 2005 16 5-6


See also domestic violence

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
How can the health sector respond to violence? Alison Rutherford, Anthony B Zwi 2007 18 5-6
Preventing violence in NSW: data sources and their adequacy Alison Rutherford, Anthony B Zwi 2007 18 5-6
Reducing alcohol-related violence and improving community safety: the Alcohol Linking Program John H Wiggers 2007 18 5-6
Strengthening the effectiveness of 'whole of government' interventions to break the cycle of violence in disadvantaged communities Elizabeth Harris, Vanessa K Rose, Lynn A Kemp, Roberta V Chavez 2007 18 5-6
Violence: a complex but preventable public health issue Alison Rutherford, Anthony B Zwi 2006 17 1-2
A demographic profile of deaths due to interpersonal violence
in NSW
Marcia Schmertmann, Caroline
2006 17 1-2
A description of interpersonal violence-related hospitalisations
in NSW
Andrew D Hayen, Rebecca Mitchell 2006 17 1-2
Drug-related aggression among injecting drug users Emma Black, Louisa Degenhardt 2006 17 1-2
Prison violence: perspectives and epidemiology Tony G Butler, Azar Kariminia 2006 17 1-2
When it’s right in front of you: assisting health care workers to manage the effects of violence in rural and remote Australia 2002 13 8
World Report on Violence and Health 2002 13 8

viral assays

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Value of a reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction
assay for Norwalk-like viruses in the investigation of institutional gastroenteritis outbreaks
Mark J Ferson, Peter Yankos,
Giulietta Pontivivo, Angela Wong,
David Lee, Monica Isaacs, Fifin
Intan, Christopher J McIver,
William D Rawlinson
1999 10 11

viral haemorrhagic fever

See also Ebola fever; lassa fever

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Quarantinable diseases 1992 3 9

vision impairments

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Poor vision and risk of falls and fractures in older Australians:
the Blue Mountains Eye Study
Rebecca Ivers, Robert Cumming,
Paul Mitchell
2002 13 1-2
Vision 2020: The Right to Sight—Australia Kylie Evans, Brien Holden,
Carley Nicholls
2001 12 1

vitamin D

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
An economic evaluation of community and residential aged care
falls prevention strategies in NSW
Jody Church, Stephen Goodall, Richard Norman, Marion Haas 2011 22 3-4

vitamin K

Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
Vitamin K prophylaxis in newborn infants Michael Frommer, Elisabeth Murphy, Tim Churches, David Henderson-Smart 1993 4 2
Public health abstracts - Vitamin K and childhood cancer 1993 4 12


Title Authors Year Vol. Issue
A successful volunteer program showcased during the
International Year of Volunteering: the Cancer Council NSW’s
Breast Cancer Support Service
Louise Burton, Nicole Rankin,
Afaf Girgis, Ann Weeden
2001 12 10
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