The NSW State Health Plan: Towards 2021 provides a strategic framework which brings together NSW Health’s existing plans, programs and policies and sets priorities across the system for the delivery of ‘the right care, in the right place, at the right time’.

The NSW State Health Plan highlights strategies to deliver on health priorities and improved health outcomes, and builds on previous reforms focusing on devolved decision-making, health system integration and increased transparency of funding and performance. It  outlines in detail not only how we’re continuing to roll out and extend our reforms in clinical care, funding and governance, but the next steps we need to take to keep delivering world-class care in NSW.

The NSW State Health Plan provides a strategic framework for NSW Health priorities. 

In July 2015, in line with the NSW State Health Plan Evaluation and Monitoring Framework, a Progress Report was released. The NSW State Health Plan: Progress Report 2015 summarises progress across NSW Health in implementing the NSW State Health Plan.

Related plans

Plans which build upon the directions and strategies outlined in the NSW State Health Plan include:
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