The Health System Performance (HSP) App has been created for use by hospitals, local health districts and specialty health networks to facilitate analysis and understanding of performance against key health performance indicators (KPIs). The app has been developed by the System Information and Analytics Branch within the Ministry of Health.

The HSP app replaced the Weekly Snapshot produced by SIA and previously shared with LHDs and facilities. The Weekly Snapshot and its metrics can still be recreated for individual facilities/LHDs by generating a PDF document within the report function of the app.

A recorded webinar session can be made available if required. Interactive sessions can also be made available for users to better understand the functions of the tool and to ask questions that may have been asked following introduction.

How can it help in our hospitals?

The app will enable a better understanding of performance challenges and can support diagnostic and investigatory work. The app has abilities to:

  • benchmark performance against peer sites
  • understand possible relationships and correlations between two KPIs
  • drill into or filter data to identify and manage factors contributing to performance
  • facilitate early identification of trends in performance and review performance longitudinally.

The app contains provisional data and as such is not the source of official KPI reporting.

Note: Monthly Health System Performance Reports and Sustainable Access Reports relate to KPIs and are available on the NSW Health intranet for staff with access via a logon at Health System Performance reports.

The HSP app is reliant on the timeliness and accuracy of data feeds from Health Information Exchange (HIE). There can therefore be a slight delay in the most recent weeks or months performance being made available and the information may not be completely accurate for several weeks.

How do I request access to the app?

Individuals who require access are to complete the PDF HSP User Access Request form. Approval is to be sought from the appropriate signatory in a particular facility/district. Completed forms are to be emailed to HSP app team. Applications will be reviewed on a regular basis by the System Performance Support branch. Access will be granted to individuals who have registered as above and therefore could take up to two weeks following receipt of the request.

Please note that access is not portable. Individuals should submit a new access request via their new management team if transferring between organisations.​​​​​​​

Current as at: Wednesday 11 January 2023
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