Finding out you are pregnant is different for everyone.

If you are pregnant, there are different options available to you:

  • Parenting – either with a partner or alone
  • Adoption or foster care
  • Termination of pregnancy (abortion)

You might know which option you would like to choose, or you might find this decision more difficult or complex. If you are pregnant and are not sure that you want to continue with the pregnancy, there is support available for you.

You can call the NSW Pregnancy Options Helpline on 1800 131 231 to receive unbiased and trustworthy information on pregnancy options, including continuing a pregnancy, terminating a pregnancy and seeking pregnancy options counselling that is unbiased and non-judgmental.  

Accessing a termination of pregnancy (abortion)

Termination of pregnancy – also known as abortion – is a safe procedure that ends a pregnancy.

When can a termination of pregnancy (abortion) be carried out?

Termination of pregnancy can be legally accessed in NSW up to 22 weeks gestation. The procedure may be performed after 22 weeks if two medical practitioners agree that, in all circumstances, the termination of pregnancy should be performed.

Two different methods to terminate a pregnancy are used in NSW:

  1. Medical termination of pregnancy
  2. Surgical termination of pregnancy

You can find more information on these procedures on the Health Direct website.

It’s important to know that the longer the pregnancy progresses, the more complex the procedure can become. How much a termination of pregnancy will cost depends on how many weeks pregnant you are, whether you have a medical or a surgical termination of pregnancy, where you live, and where the procedure is provided. Medicare will cover some or sometimes all of the cost if you have a Medicare card. You can discuss exact costs with the abortion service.

Where do I start and who do I speak to?

You do not need a referral to access termination of pregnancy services but it may be helpful to visit a GP to confirm how many weeks pregnant you are.

No matter how many weeks pregnant you are, you can call the NSW Pregnancy Options Helpline on 1800 131 231 to find out about termination of pregnancy service providers in NSW that meet your specific needs, as well as information on non-judgmental and unbiased pregnancy options counselling.

For more information you can:

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