In 2019 the Ministry began a review of trainees in unaccredited positions which looked at the hours worked, supervision and training requirements, wellbeing and support provided to this cohort of junior doctors.

Trainees in unaccredited positions for the purposes of the Review were broadly defined as doctors in their third postgraduate year or greater (PGY3+) who are not enrolled in a medical college training program and are engaged under the Public Hospital Medical Officers Award or the Public Hospital Career Medical Officers Award. The Review considered trainees in unaccredited positions working in metropolitan and rural facilities in the different specialty areas.

An advisory committee was convened to provide advice and assist with developing recommendations, which included representation from the Ministry of Health, AMA, ASMOF, HETI and JMO management from LHD/SNs.

The Ministry consulted on a series of draft recommendations in August 2020. The feedback will be reviewed and this will inform further work to be undertaken.

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Date of Publication: 21 August 2020
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