2021 Your Training and Wellbeing Matters Survey

The NSW Health’s Your Training and Wellbeing Matters Survey sought the views of doctors in training, their supervisors and management and staff supporting these trainees. The survey was undertaken between 26 April and 16 May 2021.

In the 2021 survey, just over 2,000 doctors in training (DiT) across the state shared their views on what it is like to work and train in the NSW health system. This represents a response rate of 21%. Also, a total of 142 DiT Managers and Support Staff and 1,604 supervisors completed the survey.

Overall, compared to the 2018 survey results DiT and Managers and Support Staff reported improvements against most key measures. Statewide trainees continue to have a positive perception and rate highly the level of in and out-of-hours supervision provided. Supervisors raised a range of issues, relating to the availability of training and feedback mechanisms. The Ministry will continue to work with Local Health Districts and Speciality Networks regarding issues raised in the surveys.

Following completion of the 2021 Your Training and Wellbeing Matters DiT survey, the Ministry will use the national Medical Training Survey (MTS) to monitor doctors in training, wellbeing, training provided and supervision.

Please email MoH-MedicalWorkforce@health.nsw.gov.au if you have any questions.

Your Training and Wellbeing Matters Survey Results

The statewide results from the Doctors in Training, Supervisor and DiT Support Staff Surveys are published in three separate reports in a de-identified and aggregate format. Results are only published when there were 10 or more responses.

Doctors in Training Survey

Supervisor Survey

A survey to examine the experiences of medical supervisors working and providing supervision to DiTs was introduced in 2018. A response rate cannot be calculated as the number of senior medical practitioners’ that have a role in supervising JMOs is unknown.

Doctors in Training Management and Support Staff

A survey to examine DiT Management, Education and Support Staff experiences was introduced in 2018.Those eligible to participate in the survey were required to spend 50% or more of their role supporting DiT. A response rate cannot be calculated as the number within the JMO support cohort is unknown.

Current as at: Tuesday 24 August 2021