​This action plan is an initiative of the Workforce Planning and Talent Development Branch at the NSW Ministry of Health. It has been developed in consultation with local health districts and networks (LHD/Ns) and pillars to support health workforce planning across NSW. It is based on feedback outlined in the report – ‘Building workforce planning capability in the NSW Health system.’ 

The plan identifies activities required by key stakeholders to build workforce planning capability across the NSW Health system. It is designed to support a formalised and collaborative approach to workforce planning within and between hospitals, LHD/Ns and other health organisations. The plan provides clarity on the roles and functions of the different elements of the system to support effective workforce planning.

File Size: 144 kb
Type: Report
Date of Publication: 01 January 2020
ISBN: 978-1-76081-360-4
SHPN: (WPTD) 200079