It is best to organise a family member, friend or neighbour to collect you from hospital. However, if you have no one to collect you or you are in a hospital a long way from your home, the hospital may be able to assist you with transport.

If you live in a regional area, you may be eligible to apply for assistance through Transport for Health.

Discharge plans

A discharge plan is developed to make sure your move from hospital to your home is as smooth as possible. Hospital staff will ask you questions about your life and home to identify if you will need extra help when you leave. These questions may include:

  • Do you live alone?
  • Are there steps in your home?
  • Do you receive any assistance from any outside agencies?

Assistance at home

If staff identify that you will need assistance when you are discharged, you may be referred to your local community health services or community support services. If you, your family, or your carer are concerned about your return to home or your discharge from hospital, please discuss the matter with hospital staff.

Ongoing treatment

If you require continuing health care after leaving hospital, you may be referred to health services located in the community or outpatient services provided by a hospital. Outpatient services are usually provided on an appointment basis. Your local general practitioner (GP) may continue to manage your treatment and you may be required to make a visit shortly after your discharge from hospital.

Hospital staff will make sure that you:

  • are aware of your ongoing treatment and any appointments or referrals
  • have all the medications you need.

Community health centres

Community health centres provide a range of services including non-acute treatment, health preventative and promotion programs, health education and screening, counselling, and continuing care for chronic conditions (such as diabetes or circulatory problems). Many of these services are provided at the community health centre, but community health staff may visit you at home if necessary.​​​​​​

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