Supporting the response to future public health threats

This collection of research and resources was developed as part of a debrief of the NSW COVID-19 public health response. This was conducted in 2022 to examine the public health response to identify best practices and provide implementable recommendations to strengthen and integrate the NSW public health network and emergency responses now and in the future.

NSW Health developed and contributed to a range of research throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to build an evidence base and understanding of COVID-19. This collection now shares this research and associated resources to support learning from the COVID-19 pandemic and inform future public health emergency responses.

How to use this collection

We have arranged these resources under six subject areas. The collection includes peer reviewed publications, reports and case studies related to the COVID-19 public health response. The case studies highlight different approaches that NSW Health teams took to innovate and adapt services, programs and ways of working in response to COVID-19.​

About the collection

Peer reviewed publications and reports have been included in this collection if they were published since the start of the pandemic to 31 December 2022, have at least one contributor affiliated with NSW Health and focus on the public health response to COVID-19.

Resources have been sourced directly from NSW Health teams or identified through literature searches. It is important to note that this collection was developed at a point in time and is not exhaustive of all research to which NSW Health has contributed during the public health response to COVID-19.

Where applicable, full bibliographical citations and links to peer reviewed publications and other resources are provided. Access to full text publications may depend on your personal or organisational affiliation’s access to journals.

Some publications will feature across two subject areas where the content covers multiple themes.

Related resources

Information contained in this collection is limited to resources focused on the public health aspects of the COVID-19 response. More information can be found at:

Current as at: Thursday 27 July 2023