Contact the patient’s doctor to:

  • Obtain patient’s history
  • Confirm results of relevant pathology tests or recommend that the tests be done
  • Inform the doctor you will have to contact patient or care giver

Contact the patient (or care giver) to:

  • Confirm onset date and symptoms of the illness
  • Confirm travel history
  • If no overseas travel, identify location/s of patient during exposure period (3-14 days prior to onset of symptoms)
  • Complete Dengue Investigation Form
  • Provide with Dengue Factsheet

If patient is in receptive area:

  • Recommend the patient (and their household contacts) avoid being bitten by mosquitoes while febrile (first 5 days of symptoms)
  • Identify known contacts and obtain contact details
  • Contact patients contacts to determine current symptoms and recommend testing if necessary
  • Provide contacts with Dengue Factsheet

Contact laboratory to:

  • Obtain any outstanding results

Where local transmission is suspected

Public Health Units should notify CD Oncall within 48 hours of the notification:

  • Inform them of case details and exposure information

Other issues

  • Assess information against case definition to confirm case
  • Enter case data onto notifiable diseases database
  • Report details of case and action plan to state/territory CDB
  • Initiate active case finding
  • Consider alerting local doctors, EDs, laboratories
  • Consider local media release
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