NSW Health aims to provide value based healthcare centred on what matters most to patients

Healthcare worldwide is changing along with the needs and expectations of patients, carers, clinicians and communities. Patients have greater expectations and understanding of what they would like to receive and what they expect from their health journey, therefore ensuring the sustainability of our system lies at the heart of better value healthcare. As its stewards we hold this responsibility for the future

What is value based healthcare?

Value based healthcare will improve health outcomes that matter to patients by evolving how we receive and provide care. This will be achieved with a focus on delivering and measuring health outcomes and using insights to further inform expenditure, clinical models and the experience of receiving and giving care.

Value based healthcare in NSW means delivering services that improve:

  • the health outcomes that matter to patients
  • the experience of receiving care
  • the experience of providing care
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of care

Value based healthcare influences all aspects of work in NSW Health including clinical care, procurement, capital and service planning, health technology assessment, workforce training and education.

How is NSW Health moving towards value based healthcare?

Value based healthcare builds on the outstanding work already being done by people across NSW Health today.

A number of NSW Health initiatives help us to meet these challenges by delivering better outcomes for patients and better value for the health system.

The Leading Better Value Care program is one of the core approaches that support our system-wide shift to value.​​​

Page Updated: Thursday 24 January 2019