NSW Health is committed to delivering outcomes and experiences that matter to patients and the community. A value based healthcare approach will help us to achieve this.

In NSW, value based healthcare means continually striving to deliver care that improves:

  • health outcomes that matter to patients
  • experiences of receiving care
  • experiences of providing care
  • effectiveness and efficiency of care.

These four essentials of value are also known as the quadruple aim.

Value based healthcare should be driven by patients, clinicians and the community

Value based healthcare requires engagement from patients, the community, clinicians and organisations across NSW. A collaborative approach will ensure that we are delivering the best outcomes for patients and the best value for the system.

Value based healthcare needs to be considered at all levels of healthcare.

Hear what value based healthcare means for patients, staff and the health system

How do we embed value across NSW Health?

Since 2018 we have been embedding statewide programs that inform our strategy for value based healthcare, including Leading Better Value Care, Integrated Care and Collaborative Commissioning.

Now that these programs have matured, NSW Health has transitioned them to be managed by a single team, the Connected Care and Partnerships within the Ministry of Health System Performance and Sustainability Division. This will support a cohesive approach with streamlined implementation, communications and governance.

To continue embedding value based healthcare in business as usual we will now focus on addressing strategic and structural system enablers of value. Learnings from the statewide programs will continue to inform value based healthcare priorities.

Value based healthcare in NSW framework

We have developed a framework to support healthcare professionals' understanding of value based healthcare in NSW. It provides an overview of NSW Health's approach to value - including the vision and the accelerating programs and enablers.

Current as at: Wednesday 19 July 2023
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