A sustainable health system that delivers outcomes that matter to patients and the community, is personalised, invests in wellness and is digitally enabled.

In NSW, value based healthcare means continually striving to deliver care that improves:

  • health outcomes that matter to patients
  • experiences of receiving care
  • experiences of providing care
  • effectiveness and efficiency of care.

Considering value based healthcare at different levels


Am I providing care that delivers the outcomes and experiences that matter most to the patient?


Are we using available resources optimally to improve outcomes?


Are we allocating resources and creating the environment that enables the best outcomes?

Statewide priority programs and enablers

Statewide priority programs

  • Leading Better Value Care - identifying and scaling evidence based initiatives statewide for specific conditions.
  • Integrated Care - statewide strategies to coordinate care and processes within the health system and with other service providers.
  • Commissioning for Better Value - shifting focus of non-clinical and clinical support projects from outputs to outcomes.
  • Collaborative Commissioning​ - whole-of-system approach to incentivise local autonomy and accountability for delivering patient-centred and outcome-focused care in the community.


These eight system wide enablers support value based healthcare to become business as usual.

Patient and community engagement

Engage patients and communities to understand what matters and support their empowerment.

Measurement and evaluation

Improve our ability to measure and evaluate the impact our care is making to people and the system.

Research and evaluation

Support and harness health and medical research and innovation.

Delivery organisations

Working with a range of providers across settings to deliver care where and how the best outcomes and experiences are achieved.

People, culture, governance and capability

Achieve a ‘Fit for Purpose’ workforce for now and the future.

Digital health and analytics

Use analytics to better support decision making and technology to transform the way health care is delivered.

Funding and purchasing

Shift the focus from activity to outcomes.

Clinical leadership and engagement

Managers and clinicians working together to lead evidence based change.


Patient safety first

Ensure a shared commitment to excellence in the safety and quality of health care.

Keep people healthy

Drive behaviour change to reduce key risk factors.

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