July 2021 edition             

NSW Health has developed a new IT platform – HOPE (Health Outcomes and Patient Experience)– to support real‑time collection and use of patient reported measures

​​​The HOPE platform, co‑designed with consumers, clinicians and managers, allows patients and/or their carers to log in using a personal device and provide feedback on their health‑related experiences and outcomes. The system also allows patients and carers to access information uploaded by their healthcare provider about their health condition or relevant services.

Fifteen local health districts/specialty health networks and a Primary Care General Practice have started using the HOPE platform and the roll out is continuing across Leading Better Value Care and Integrated Care services.

Since 1 February 2021:

  • 121 services have started using HOPE
  • 3,523 patients have been active on HOPE
  • 17,707 surveys have been added to HOPE (6,587 surveys were completed on HOPE and 11,120 were migrated from legacy software)
  • 2,787 respondents stated that they prefer face‑to‑face communication channels, with 630 preferring email and 101 preferring SMS. 2021‑24.

HOPE in practice: A patient story

Mr Jones* is a 68 year old male who was admitted to hospital with an exacerbation of his Chronic Heart Failure. Mr Jones was asked to complete a PROMIS‑29 Survey (Quality of Life) as part of his admission to hospital. Mr Jones then had the opportunity to discuss his responses and treatment options with his Cardiac Nurse. After this discussion Mr Jones was asked what he thought of completing the survey and using the HOPE IT Platform.

Mr Jones responded “It was easy to complete and the survey was great. I think it is a great tool to address my depression because let’s face it that’s what I have and get help with it… I was always told growing up that if I had two hands and a beating heart I shouldn’t complain and so I find it hard to express how I’m feeling. But, the survey was a great tool to express that and get help”.

(*Patients name and age has been changed to protect the patient’s identity).

Current as at: Monday 18 October 2021
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