​​September 2022 edition

In NSW, value based healthcare (VBHC) means continually striving to deliver services that simultaneously improve the four essentials of value: 
  1. health outcomes that matter to patients 
  2. experience of receiving care 
  3. experience of providing care 
  4. effectiveness and efficiency of care 

The NSW Integrated Care Implementation team in partnership with local health districts and speciality health networks continually strive to provide care in community and to address social determinants of health by positively influencing and supporting changes in individual behaviour. These strategies aim to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations over time. 

Integrated Care provides benefits to the vulnerable in our community. These include: 
  • a coordinated care intervention that includes health coaching, care navigation to improve health literacy, self-management, and health awareness, 
  • linking people into primary care and community service providers, to support continuity of care, and; 
  • fostering patient independence by assisting them to manage their own health care and minimise their hospitalisations for as long as possible. 

The feature story in this edition of the VBHC Update explores how two integrated care initiatives are keeping people well and out of the hospital through a value-based healthcare approach to service delivery.  

The Emergency Department (ED) to Community initiative focuses on reducing a patient’s dependence on the ED through a coordinated 12 week multidisciplinary management intervention that links patients into primary care and community service providers.  
The Referral Pathways initiative aims to support NSW Ambulance and Primary Care by providing access to established community pathways as alternatives to EDs, when it is safe to do so.  
The case study spotlight highlights Western NSW Local Health District, and their local value‑based healthcare approaches to delivering seamless care anywhere.  
To find out more about Integrated Care, visit the NSW Health website or contact the team at MOH-IntegratedCare@health.nsw.gov.au 

Current as at: Friday 16 September 2022
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