​July 2021 edition : Integrated Care

Planned Care for Better Health (PCBH) is a comprehensive 12-week model of care, responsive to patient’s individual, holistic care needs.

The key focus is delivering person-centred care, promoting wellness, empowerment and enablement by working with services to facilitate and deliver health coaching, care navigation and care coordination.

PCBH aims to identify patients at risk of hospitalisation early, strengthen the care provided to them and improve their experience of receiving care and keep them healthier over the long term.

Districts began implementation of PCBH in April 2021 and continue to develop local approaches and build integrated partnerships and pathways.

The first Community of Practice (CoP) for PCBH was held in mid-July with all districts and networks represented. The CoP provides stakeholders with an opportunity to share learnings and successes and troubleshoot implementation issues with peers. PCBH CoPs will be held every 6 weeks.​

Current as at: Tuesday 30 November 2021
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