Transcript of Better Cardiac Care - Gloria in the hospital.

Elizabeth Wymarra: Hey Whichway. I'm guessing you're watching this video cause you or someone you know has had a heart problem. Well being in hospital with a heart problem can be a bit scary at first. But you know what, it dont have to be. Let's find out what happens in hospital aye?

Dr Rogers: Good morning Gloria, my name's Dr. Rogers. How are you feeling?

Gloria: Yeah, I'm all right.

Dr Rogers: Now it seems you having some ischemia of your heart at the moment. Now this is when the arteries become narrow or occluded and can't supply enough blood to your heart. We need to have a look to make sure there isn't any damage to your heart muscle. So it's a really good idea that you came in today.

Elizabeth Wymarra: If you don't understand, ask questions. This is where uncle comes in handy.

Hector: Mum, do you understand what the doctors saying?

Gloria: Yeah.

Hector: No mum, do you really understand?

Gloria: Nah, not really.

Hector: Hang on, um, could you explain in plain English what's happening to my mum?

Dr Rogers: Sure so basically we believe that your mum's having a heart attack.

Elixaeth Wymarra: What she's saying is that Gloria's having a heart attack. This is when there is a sudden blockage of blood to the heart muscle.

Now this needs to be fixed right away and it's done in a place called the cardiac catheter lab. Now Gloria will be given something to numb the pain while a small tube like this one is put into the artery through the arm or the groin. Now this allows the doctor to take pictures of the heart, find the blockage and open it up.

Dr Rogers: Do you understand what's going on or do you have any more questions at all?

Hector: Mum do you have any questions? Don't be shame.

Gloria: When can I go home? I need to cook tea.

Dr Rogers: So Gloria we need to get you fixed first so you'll have to stay in here for a few days.

Gloria: Well if I'm gonna stay in here, you have to go home and cook tea for the kids. Don't go walking around or going up north anywhere, because them kids can't be starving.

Hector: Alright.

Dr Rogers: So I'm sure the kids will be fine, we just need to get you sorted first. Are you okay with that?

Gloria: I'm okay, let's do this.

[Doctor performs procedure on Gloria. Gloria is then seen being wheeled down a hospital corridor by a porter, with Hector and a nurse on each side.]

Hector: See that wasn't that bad now was it Mum?

Elizabeth Wymarra: And here, ask questions if you don't understand. Don't just gammin, nod your head and make out you know when you don't, you got nothing to be ashamed of. And be prepared to stay in hospital if you have to and try not to be scared of them tests. Look what happened to Aunty Gloria you saw how deadly she felt after. And you know you will need to start taking your tablets and continue them, usually for life, but talk to your doctor or nurse or pharmacist about what those tablets are and when to take them and if there's any side effects.

Text overlay: We would like to acknowledge the Wiradjuri people whose lands this film was made on and everyone else who was involved in the development of this film.

Gloria: Cynthia Hammond
Hector: Colin Kinchela
Dr Rogers: Sandi Mcatamney
Nurse: Meagan Johnsen
Porter: Brian Cheney ​​

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