Transcript of Better Cardiac Care - Gloria's recovery.

Elizabeth Wymarra: So you've had heart problems. That must have been a big shock. Well now it's time to learn about what we can do to get well again and stay that way. Aunty Gloria had a heart attack but she's now getting back on her feet. So let's go look at her journey.

Doctor: Gloria how are you?

Gloria: I'm good thank you.

Doctor: Now you know it can take some time to feel your old self again after having a heart attack.

Gloria: Yeah, the doctor at the hospital told me that the blood going to my heart got blocked up, so what they did they opened it up and put a tube in but what I don't understand is how many pills I've got to take now that I'm fixed up?

Doctor: Right, right so the pills are really important to reduce the risk of this happening again. You'll have to take these pills for the rest of your life Gloria. But what I'll do is I'll get a pharmacist to come in and talk about your new pills and explain exactly what they are. It's also important that you and I have a little chat about making some changes to your lifestyle.

Gloria: Oh what kind of changes?

Doctor: So first of all you need to quit smoking Gloria.

Gloria: But I've been smoking for years Doc! I didn't know smoking was no good for your heart.

Doctor: Smoking is really bad for your heart.

Text overlay: Quitline: 13 QUIT. Ask your doctor about nicotine replacement therapy.

Doctor: You also need to start getting some regular exercise and eat a better diet. There's plenty of programs here at the AMS, also up at the hospital, there's also a phone service available so plenty of options for you. Do you wanna have a little chat about some of the changes we can make first?

Gloria: Yeah, that sounds good.

Text overlay: Cardiac rehabilitation is the first important step to your heart recovering. Special cardiac rehabilitation services provide:

  • exercise programs
  • advice on healthy eating
  • counselling support
  • help in getting back to work
  • medication advice
  • support to quit smoking.

Text overlay: 6 weeks later.

[Gloria throws a packet of cigarettes in the bin. Later, Gloria is in the kitchen cutting up a cucumber. Hector enters with shopping bags.]

Hector: Hey, how are you going?

Gloria: Good.

Hector: Got your shopping.

Gloria: Lovely veggies.

[Hector is watching TV and eating cookies. Gloria enters and hand him a celery stick. He passes her the plate of cookies and takes the celery.]

[Gloria is walking with a friend outside.]

Gloria: I'm glad we got this going. I feel so much better now. My heart is not giving me any more troubles.

Friend: That's deadly sis, me too. Hey, I heard your ex is in town. You gonna give him another call or nah?

Gloria: Mmh, maybe.

[Both laugh]

Elizabeth Wymarra: Well, well. Aunty Gloria is getting back into the groove aye? Here that goes for you fellas too you know.

[Two girls are sitting at a table and Gloria approaches with two plates of salad.]

Chld 1: Mmh that smells lovely Nan.

Chld 2: It don't look lovely. What is it Nan? Salad and chicken.

Chld 1: Ew, yuck. I'm not eating that. Why can't we have pizza? I'm starving.

Gloria: Because you got to eat properly, now eat it.

Chld 2: This actually tastes pretty nice Nan.

Gloria: I told you. (laughs)

Elizabeth Wymarra: You know you may feel a bit down after being unwell with heart problems but that's normal. But taking these steps will help you get back to your usual self. So don't forget, give up smoking. I know people think it's hard but look Aunty Gloria was strong enough to give it up so she could do more things with her family so I think you can too.

Start making some changes. You know, a bit of exercise, eat some fruit and veg and make water your drink yeah?

And make sure you see your GP and talk to them about your tablets - you know this can all make a world of difference and then you'll be just like Aunt Glor able to enjoy your family for much longer.

There are programs to help you, so don't worry. So check out the Get Healthy service where a trained health coach will call you regularly to help you reach your goals and it's free - you don't have to pay. And the Quitline, where Aboriginal counselors can have a yarn with you and support you to quit smoking.

Now there's more information on how you can keep your heart healthy and it's available at these websites here so check this one out (Heart Foundation) this one (Make Healthy Normal) this one (Get Healthy NSW) and that one (I can quit). Simple.

Text overlay: We would like to acknowledge the Wiradjuri people whose lands this film was made on and everyone else who was involved in the development of this film.

Gloria: Cynthia Hammond
Hector: Colin Kinchela
Doctor: Murray Clapham
Friend: Rhonda Smith
Child 1: Kyann Morgan
Child 2: Deneeka Morgan

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