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Adahps programs

  • Outreach team - provides collaborative case management and neuropsychological assessment
  • Yaralla - a high care residential facility
  • NSW HIV Supported Accommodation Program - co-ordinating short to medium term affordable housing
  • Persons in custody HIV community referral project  (PICS) - connecting people leaving custody to care
  • HIV/AOD integrated care program - accommodation and case management
  • Rural access program - ensuring rural people receive Adahps support
  • Consultants to the service are:
    • Professor  Bruce Brew, Neurology, St Vincent’s hospital
    • Dr Melissa Corr, Consultant Psychiatrist, Royal Price Alfred Hospital
    • Dr Roger Garsia, Director HIV/AIDS Services, Sydney Local Health District

Our program partners

  • Adahps outreach team works with case management services, brokered care agencies, NGOs, hospitals, health services and clinicians, accommodation services, Housing NSW, Public Trustees and Guardians, families and carers
  • Yaralla House partners include: SLHD HIV and AIDS Related Programs (HARP), Positive Central, Concord Hospital and GPs
  • Rural  access program partners include a range from government and non government organisations as well as private services in rural and regional areas where there is no HIV outreach service
  • HIV/AOD Integrated Care Program partners are: BGF, Haymarket Foundation, SLHD Positive Central and SESLHD HIV Outreach Team
  • Persons in custody HIV community referral project (PICS) is a collaboration with Justice Health, SLHD Positive Central and SESLHD HIV Outreach Team
  • NSW HIV Supported Accommodation Program partners are: St George Community Housing, BGF, Stanford House and Bridge Community Housing​​​​​​​​
Current as at: Thursday 24 June 2021
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