Adahps (formerly the AIDS Dementia and HIV Psychiatry Service) provides a range of services to assist people who have HIV related cognitive impairment and complex health needs. It's a confidential service for NSW residents and it's free.

Our services

Case management

Some people with HIV need support to overcome health and other issues. Our case managers can provide a range of support based on your needs.

Neuropsychological assessment

A neuropsychological assessment can often detect cognitive impairment and the cause of these symptoms.

Brokered care

We can fund care workers for people who need support to live as independently and be as healthy as possible.

NSW HIV Supported Accommodation Program

Affordable short to medium term housing for people with HIV who are unable to live independently.

Persons in Custody HIV Referral Project (PICS)

PICs is a partnership between Adahps, the HIV community teams and the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network. Justice Health obtain client consent and generate the referral to the community health services.

HIV Alcohol and Other Drugs Integrated Care Program

Provides accommodation and support to people with HIV, alcohol and other drug issues and another complex issue who are homeless. For more information visit the Haymarket Foundation

Peer support and education

Our team has expertise in a range of areas including: HIV, psychiatric nursing, alcohol and other drugs, clinical psychology and neuropsychology, social work and counselling, accommodation and working with individuals with complex and challenging medical and social needs. We are happy to share our skill and experience by providing education and training along with assistance developing and implementing a treatment, care or support plan.

​​Raise concerns about your health

If you or someone you care for wants to raise a concern about your health, you can call the services listed on your Emergency Plan. Talk to your Adahps worker about the plan or download it and add your own contacts.

Current as at: Monday 11 September 2023
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