The Take Home Naloxone ordering instructions outlines how non-government and private services must order naloxone medicines. Your service must become a Participating Service before using this ordering process.

Last updated: 26 July 2023

After your service signs a Letter of Agreement and workers are trained and credentialed, your service becomes a Participating Service. NSW Ministry of Health will inform ORSPEC Pharma that your service is now authorised to order naloxone medicines directly from ORSPEC Pharma.

NSW Ministry of Health will supply Participating Services with a Order Form PDF template which lists a unique Account Reference number, which is specific to your service's delivery address.

  1. To order naloxone medicines, Participating Service need to complete the Order Form PDF template provided:
    • Enter an Order number. Each Order your service submits needs to have a unique Order number so NSW Health can reconcile expenses each month. If your Account Reference number is RPH001, you should identify your first Order number as RPH001-001. When you place your second order, the Order number will be RPH001-002, and so on.
    • Enter the Order Date.
    • Enter the Responsible Person's name and the delivery address. The delivery address must correspond to the details approved on the Letter of Agreement. A new signed Letter of Agreement is required to change the delivery address. Enter the quantity of each item ordered (order a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 60 packs of naloxone).
    • Include any special instructions. All efforts will be made to accommodate requests but may not be fulfilled if it is not practical to do so.
  2. Email the completed order form:
  3. The naloxone will be delivered to the Ship To address, via ORSPEC Pharma's courier service(s). Before acceptance, please inspect the goods for any damage.
    • For orders arriving in good condition and accepted by the Participating Service, send a signed copy of the packing list or invoice accompanying goods to:
    • For any visible damages, do not accept delivery from the courier and note reason for rejection.
    • For any concealed damages, please action as follows: