This page contains current drug warnings intended for the public.

December 2021

High and variable dose MDMA (ecstasy) tablets - blue superman [Issued 27 December 2021]

August 2021

Cocaine found to contain other dangerous substances – heroin and large amounts of lidocaine [Issued 12 August 2021]

July 2021

‘MDMA (ecstasy)' powder found to contain: 25C-NBOMe (a hallucinogen) and 4-fluoroamphetamine [Issued 2 July 2021]

June 2021

Increases in severe overdoses from cocaine found to contain opioids [Issued 23 June 2021]

May 2021

Cocaine found to contain strong opioids [Issued 14 May 2021]

January 2021

Heroin may contain fentanyl, a dangerous opioid [Issued 28 January 2021]

Current as at: Friday 20 May 2022