Purpose of the Advisory Committee

The NGO Advisory Committee (NGOAC) is the senior forum to facilitate collaboration between NSW Health and the NGO sector on the development and implementation of NSW Health policy related to the NGO Sector. The NGOAC generally meets three times a year and is chaired by the Deputy-Secretary, Strategy and Resources.

Members on the NGOAC represent Peak agencies, small NGOs, rural NGOs, small program areas within NSW Health, and consumers. Members providing academic expertise are also represented on the NGOAC.

Terms of Reference

The NGOAC Terms of Reference are:

  • Senior forum to facilitate collaboration between NSW Health and the NGO Sector on the development and implementation of NSW Health policy, strategic planning relating to the NGO Program and the relationship with the NGO Sector.
  • Provides advice on strengthening partnerships between NSW Health, NGO Sector and other government agencies.
  • Provides advice to the Department of Health on issues as they impact on the NGO sector.
  • Provides advice on NGO Sector capacity development strategies, best practice and evolving service models.
  • Monitors the outcomes and impact of national health reform, and NSW Government and NSW Health policy initiatives on the NGO Sector.
  • Communicates and disseminates key information from the Committee to health funded NGOs and stakeholders.
  • Develops an annual work plan.
  • Informs the implementation of the NSW Health NGO Review Recommendations.

The NGO Advisory Committee will continue to play a key role in strengthening the partnership between NSW Health and the NGO sector. Your NGOAC members are representatives from the following organisations:

Three NGO Advisory Committee working groups have been established to promote NGO sector input on implementing the reforms. These three working groups are:

  • Strategic Purchasing
  • Purchasing Criteria
  • Service Agreements.

For further information on the NGO Advisory Committee, please email: partnerships@doh.health.nsw.gov.au​.​​​​

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