Australia's Disability Strategy 2021-2031 (the Strategy) is Australia's national disability policy framework. It sets out a plan to improve the lives of people with disability in Australia over ten years.

The Strategy's vision is for an inclusive Australian society that ensures people with disability can fulfill their potential, as equal members of the community. In line with Australia's commitments under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), this Strategy plays an important role in protecting, promoting and realising the human rights of people with disability.

All governments – Australian, state, territory and local – are committed to delivering the Strategy's principles.



The NSW Parliament reviewed and amended the NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014 (the Act) in July 2022.

The Act acknowledges people with disability have the same human rights as other members of the community and that the State and the community have a responsibility to facilitate the exercise of those rights.

The Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services launched the NSW Disability Inclusion Plan 2021-2025 (NSW DIP) in November 2021.

The NSW DIP aligns with the Act, the Strategy and NSW's obligations under the UN CRPD. It strengthens the state's accessibility framework and outlines work underway to improve outcomes for people with disability.

The plan has four focus areas that set out how the NSW Government will improve the lives of people with disability:

  • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
  • Creating liveable communities
  • Supporting access to meaningful employment
  • Improving access to mainstream services through better systems and processes.

All public authorities must develop Disability Inclusion Action Plans (DIAPs) to implement the principles of the DIP.

NSW Health Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2016-2019

NSW Health is developing its next DIAP to describe the high level vision and objectives of disability inclusion for the NSW Health system. The NSW Health DIAP 2023-2028 will set the direction for the Ministry of Health, Local Health Districts, Specialty Health Networks, Pillars, Statewide Health Services and Shared Services. It will be continually reviewed and monitored to support its effective implementation.

Current as at: Tuesday 12 September 2023