SIDHT  team We are the Specialised Intellectual Disability Health Team in your area.

We are called SIDHT for short.

support team


We help people with an intellectual disabilitywho need extra support with their health. 

talk in person
talk online

We can talk to you in person or online.

help please



You can ask someone to support you when you speak with us.




This can be

  • A family member
  • A friend
  • Your support worker

talk about health


You can talk to us about your health.


   You can talk to us about the medication you take..

your feelings


You can tell us if you feel sad or worried. 


Tell your doctor if you want to see us.  


Your doctor can send us a referral by email.
A referral is a letter from your doctor.

no pay

You do not have to pay to see us.

Your information

inforamtion private

We will keep your information private.



That means we will not share your information with others unless you say

we can.


personal space
We will also respect your personal space.

Personal space means not getting too close to someone unless they say it is ok.

What we will do


After we talk to you we will talk to your doctor about ways to make your health better.

healthy eating sleep exercise




This might be things like

  • Healthy eating
  •  Good sleep
  • Doing sports and exercise.


We will write a report that you can give to your doctors and other healthcare workers.. 

health professionals


We can also give the report to other people that you want to have it.


Share your story

share your story

SIDHT teaches healthcare workers about the health of people with an intellectual disability. 

yes or no

We might ask you if we can share your story to teach them.

You can say yes or no.


Current as at: Monday 29 August 2022