The best way to protect yourself and others from HIV is to practice safe behaviours. Safe is the way to play.
PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a new HIV prevention method in which people who do not have HIV take a pill everyday to reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV.


HIV treatments can be picked up from a hospital pharmacy, a local chemist or delivered via online options.

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HIV testing is faster and easier than ever before and it's confidential. Rapid tests are now available which give you a result within 30 minutes.
More of us need to get tested more often. How often depends on our lifestyle and sexual behaviour.

The HIV support program

The HIV Support Program and five key support services provide enhanced advice and support for doctors and their patients at the time of a new HIV diagnosis.

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Strategy and policies

The NSW HIV Strategy 2021 - 2025 continues the commitment to achieving the virtual elimination of HIV transmission in NSW by 2025, building on the success of the NSW HIV Strategy 2016-2020. To make new gains, the Strategy will address barriers created by stigma and encourage ongoing innovation.

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HIV surveillance data

Data on NSW HIV testing, treatment, diagnoses and prevention and reports on progress against the NSW HIV Strategy is publically available.

HIV data is reported quarterly and annually.

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