NSW Health recommends increased HIV testing for all patients at risk of HIV.  Health professionals should avoid assumptions about a patient's HIV risk, and offer testing patients who:

  • are men who have sex with men, including heterosexual men
  • have had sex when traveling in a country where HIV is common
  • have had sex with someone from a country where HIV is common
  • come from a country where HIV is common
  • used injecting equipment after someone else.

The National HIV Testing Portal of ‘who to test’ and clinical indicators for HIV testing.​​​​

Test for HIV in a diverse range of patients​​

Tools to make HIV testing easy

Tools, resources and support services are available to make HIV testing easy:

NSW Sexual Health Infolink (SHIL) provides telephone and internet based informationand referral services for clinicians and patients about HIV/STI testing, prevention and treatment. Freecall 1800 451 624.

Dried Blood Spot test for HIV and hepatitis C

DBS is a finger prick test for HIV and hepatitis C that can be ordered online by eligible people. DBS is free, easy and confidential. Test results are provided by the NSW Sexual Health Infolink.

HIV treatment

Early treatment initiation using new HIV treatments offer significantly improved health benefits for patients and prevent HIV transmission to others.

HIV prevention using pre-exposure prophylaxis - PrEP

New HIV prevention methods significantly reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. HIV PrEP is a pill taken daily by HIV negative people to reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV. People with a Medicare card who are at high-risk of HIV can now purchase PrEP in Australia with a stream-lined authority PBS prescription from a GP and have it dispensed from a community pharmacy.

Prevention is still essential and condoms are considered the best way to prevent HIV and STIs.

Test for HIV in a diverse range of patients – make testing easy for all

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