HIV testing is private, free and easy

HIV testing is simple and easy, it's a simple blood test through your GP or a sexual health clinic, or you can now order it via an online website where you can order a test called DBS which stands for dried blood spot test.

You sent a kit to home to test yourself, and to send off to the lab, and you'll be notified with the result by SMS, email or telephone.

This year we've seen a 13% reduction in new HIV diagnosis compared to the previous five years.

The people most at risk of HIV are men have sex with men, but also men who don't identify as gay who have sex with men and people who've travelled more recently or have come from countries where HIV prevalence is higher.​​​

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HIV information for health professionals

During HIV Awareness Week we'd like health professionals to offer HIV testing in a diverse range of patients, particularly men have sex with men who are born overseas, or in Australia, and also men who have sex with men who identify as heterosexual, who've travelled recently, who are partners of people who travelled recently and people who otherwise you would not suspect to have HIV. 

In other words a larger range than you might have normally tested within your practice. 

Health professionals should be aware that HIV prep or pre exposure prophylaxis is now available for people at high risk of HIV. 

This can be prescribed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in your practice without any referrals.​

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Current as at: Wednesday 27 November 2019
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