General dust and fume hazards

Do-it-Yourself Safely - Dust and Fume Hazards


Lead-based paint


Asbestos - A Guide for Householders and the General Public
enHEALTH guide on health risks associated with asbestos, especially during home renovations

WorkCover NSW
Guidelines for occupational situations.

ACT Asbestos Awareness
A comprehensive list of publications for renovators, tradespeople and others

ACT Safe Work Factsheets - DIY

ACT Safe Work Factsheets - Trade

ACT Safe Work Factsheet - Important Asbestos Advice for ACT homes built before 1985

Management of Asbestos in the Non-Occupational Environment
This document outlines health risks associated with asbestos-contaminating materials and seeks to assist in asbestos detection, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk management. The information is primarily intended for environment and health agencies and local authorities conducting risk assessments and determining risk management strategies for the control of asbestos in the non-occupational environment.

Environmental health risk management

Risky business - enHEALTH resources to help local governments manage environmental health risks:

Treated timber

Australian Pesticides and Vetinary Medicine Authority's Arsenic Timber Treatments Chemical Review.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

US Environmental Protection Agency - Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

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