Kids travel

What is active travel?

Active travel means walking, cycling, scootering, skateboarding or any similar transport where human energy is spent to travel. The health benefits of active travel are well recognised, particularly as an alternative to motorised or sedentary forms of transport. Using public transport almost always includes walking to and from destinations, and therefore also can be considered as active travel.

Children's active travel

Children's local active travel to places they regularly go to provides significant health benefits from physical activity, can improve concentration, increase independence and positive self-esteem, and contribute to safe mobility.

Develop an active travel plan

A plan to encourage children's active travel can be developed by using the guide and supporting resources for Parents/carers and communities:

You may not need to use all the resources, only those that will help you achieve what you want.

Where are you starting from?

To find out how children currently travel to places use the 'hands up' survey of a team or class, asking how they travelled there that day.

'Hands up' survey form (PDF 246KB)

Active travel parent/carer survey

To help get an idea of what parents/carers in your neighbourhood or community group think about children's active travel it is a good idea to ask them. The best way to find out is to conduct a brief survey or interview of parents/carers, children or facility users.

Active Travel Parent/Carer Survey (PDF 807KB)

Review the current active travel facilities

Find out if the venues you are looking at have facilities to support active travel, for example facilities for parking bicycles/scooters and storing gear like helmets.

Facilities Review (PDF 538KB)

Additional support may be available from the Health Promotion Teams of your Local Health District, from your local Council or Local Government Agency (some of which employ Road Safety Offices), or Department of Education and Communities Road Safety Education Consultants.

Information for parents/carers

Parents/carers have responsibility for how their child(ren) travel to the activities they are involved with. The Parent/carer information pack gives some benefits of safe active travel and how parents/carers can encourage active travel.

Parent/Carer Information Pack (PDF 433KB)

To encourage more children to walk or cycle to the places they go to the planning ideas in the Action Plan template should help.

Other ways to encourage active travel for children

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