Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network

Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge
The Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge (AKHC), sponsored by the Ministry of Health and NSW Rugby League, is a primary chronic disease prevention program targeting obesity and physical activity in NSW Aboriginal communities. Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network and Corrective Services NSW formed a partnership to adapt and pilot the AKHC at Wellington Correctional Centre (September – November 2016).
Strategies included the provision of information for staff and inmates, a healthy lifestyles education program and an intensive 10 week challenge for a targeted number of inmates. 20 male and 42 female inmates participated in the challenge, achieving a total weight loss of 84.93kg.
Challenge ambassadors provided advice to the inmates on exercise, fitness and nutrition. Female inmates established a vegetable garden, and the Challenge concluded with a presentation and NRL Round-Robin gala day.​
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