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From Little Things, Patients Flow team 

The Whole of Health Program (WOHP) together with Patient Flow Portal Development Team within System Performance Support (SPS) commenced a new approach of proactively partnering with front line staff from Local Health Districts to turn their ideas into reality. SPS focused on building strong and trusted partnerships with patients, frontline clinicians, LHD’s and Pillars. We work onsite to observe and listen first hand to the current patient flow challenges. We design onsite workshops co-facilitated with hospital staff to design, test and implement statewide solutions. This new approach ensures solutions are aligned to the root causes of the problems and are user friendly to meet the needs of the clinicians providing front line patient care.
Through these partnerships we turn ideas into functional, real-time and user- friendly tools including, Emergency Access View real-time Dashboard and Patient Transport Service dashboard - with growing uber-style functionalities - through the STAHS project and partnership with the Patient Transport Service, HealthShare. 
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