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Self-efficacy for Patients with Immunodeficiency 

Patients with primary antibody deficiency receive lifelong treatment with monthly intravenous immunoglobulin replacement in hospital infusion centres. This takes 3-4 hours so effectively, patients lose a day a month with a hospital visit. Recently a subcutaneous preparation (SCIg) became available creating the possibility for patients to manage infusions at home. As we are committed to having patients self- manage chronic conditions as far as possible, and to de- medicalise life long treatment programs, we developed a training program, with evaluation, for SCIg home treatment; to date, we have trained 47 patients, removing them from monthly in -hospital care with attendant savings to the health system.
Patients on SCIg express greater satisfaction with treatment; fewer interruptions to work; better physical and emotional health scores on SF 36 questionnaire; and report overall health improvement.
Home-based SCIg leads to greater patient satisfaction, autonomy over a lifelong condition, and savings for the health system.
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