All parents of children born in NSW receive a free copy of My Personal Health Record (the Blue Book). The Blue Book has valuable information about a child’s health and development.

Children born outside of NSW who are living in NSW are also entitled to a free copy of the Blue Book. Parents should contact the Better Health Centre to order their copy. If a Blue Book has been lost or damaged, a new Blue Book can be ordered from the Better Health Centre at a cost of $10.00.

Better Health Centre, PO Box 672, North Ryde BC NSW 2113
Phone: (02) 9887 5450

The Blue Book is available in English and 18 other languages.

Blue Book 2022 edition

 Personal Health Record -English.pdf

My Personal Health Record (Blue Book) supplementary copy order form

If you received a Blue Book between 10 August 2022 and 27 September 2022, some pages in your copy may be out of order. Please note the content and advice in the Blue Book remains correct. To receive a new, supplementary copy with the correct pagination, please complete the order form at the production house website.

Blue Book previous editions

Issued August  2021

 Personal Health Record - English 2020.pdf Personal Health Record - English

Blue Book previous editions

Issued September 2020

 Personal Health Record - English

Issued July 2019

 Personal Health Record - English

Issued July 2017

Issued April 2016

Personal Health Record (Blue Book) - English

Issued June 2013

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Date of Publication: 10 November 2022
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