​Aboriginal cultural inclusion checklist for maternity services

  • This Aboriginal cultural inclusion checklist is designed to improve the inclusiveness of maternity services to provide a welcoming environment for Aboriginal families.
  • It also aims increase the awareness of maternity staff to the importance of cultural diversity in service provision.

Alcohol in pregnancy project for Aboriginal women and families

  • A range of materials has been developed to raise awareness about the risks of drinking alcohol in pregnancy.
  • The project aims to inform Aboriginal young people, families planning or expecting a baby, and support health professionals to discuss alcohol with pregnant Aboriginal women.
  • Print materials, including posters, postcards, and a story book are available on Your Room. You can view all the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - Aboriginal awareness videos.

Dads know breast is best video

  • Developed and produced by South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD), the Dads know breast is best video was made in collaboration with a group of local Aboriginal men.
  • The video encourages Aboriginal fathers to support their partner in breastfeeding their babies.

Developing staff capacity in trauma-informed care for Aboriginal families

  • Working in partnership with the NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV) to develop staff capacity in trauma-informed care for Aboriginal families.
  • Delivered through a series of training workshops and provision of funding to facilitate staff attendance.

Deadly Dads

  • ​A resource based program that uses everyday parenting items such as baby blankets, towels and nappies that are designed to bring Aboriginal men into the breastfeeding conversation.
  • The program is implemented using a workshop format. Participants include Aboriginal Health Workers and community members.
  • Funds are provided to the Australian Breastfeeding Association to develop and facilitate the Deadly Dads workshops.

Our Health Our Way project

  • Young Aboriginal people and health services - Our Health Our Way.
  • The identification and promotion of best practice models for enhancing young Aboriginal people's access to appropriate healthcare.

Yarning about Quitting

  • Yarning about Quitting: Yarning with Aboriginal pregnant women and mothers about quitting - increasing the smoking cessation skills of health workers.
  • The development of a blended learning package to build capacity among staff working with Aboriginal women and families in providing culturally appropriate smoking cessation advice.

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