Health Education and Training Institute

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) is part of NSW Health. HETI works closely with local health districts, specialty health networks and other health partners to identify emerging workforce needs and support a highly skilled and capable workforce to deliver improved health outcomes for patients. A range of paediatric courses have been developed through collaborations with HETI and subject matter experts.
Courses are available via My Health Learning, and include:
  •    the Paediatric Emergency Clinical Practice Guidelines online training program
  •    Skills in Paediatrics  (SkiP)
  •     Resus4Kids. 
HETI is the leading provider of training and education to support clinical and non-clinical staff, trainers, managers and leaders across the NSW health system.
HETI works to support the NSW Health workforce through:
  • eLearning modules delivered through My Health Learning on topics such as Violence Prevention, Refugee Health to Clinical Care of People Who May Be Suicidal
  • workshops on managing health resources and people management to intensive programs designed to develop NSW Health’s future leaders
  • scholarships, grants in areas of need and to enable participation in educational opportunities
  • managing Junior Medical Officer internships on behalf of the State as well as clinical placements through Clinconnect
  • state-wide programs that support medical professionals in rural and remote NSW
  • postgraduate certificate, diploma and masters level courses in mental health.

Other education resources

Current as at: Tuesday 23 March 2021