Youth Health Training 

Districts and specialty health networks can deliver the Essential Youth Healthcare Skills workshop to build the capacity of their workforce to provide high-quality healthcare for young people aged 12-24.

HEEADSSS Assessment Online Module - Get the Conversation Started

HEEADSSS - Get the Conversation Started is available on My Health Learning (course code 99482031) for NSW Health staff. The module explains what a HEEADSSS assessment is and illustrates its value for providing healthcare for young people in both hospital and community settings.

HEEADSSS Assessment Video Learning Resource - Working Effectively with Young People

The video learning resource HEEADSSS assessment - working effectively with young people supports health professionals to work with young people. The videos explain the impact of adolescent development on health and wellbeing. They cover the role of HEEADSSS as a framework for engaging with young people, give tips for effective HEEADSSS conversations, and tips for responding to young people’s health needs.
For NSW Health workers the videos are also on  My Health Learning as a learning pathway (Course codes: 159949091, 160031090, 160031203, 160031204).

Youth Health Resource Kit: An Essential Guide for Workers

Youth Health Resource Kit: An Essential Guide for Workers provides professionals with the tools they to work with young people. It contains information for workers about the specific health needs of young people, including those who are most vulnerable; and skills and practical steps to respond effectively to young people.

Each section of the kit is written by topic experts and has been carefully reviewed.

Current as at: Friday 6 October 2023