The Your Experience of Service (YES) survey is Australia’s national measure of consumer experience in mental health services.

The electronic version of YES (eYES) allows consumers to provide feedback via their computer, smartphone or tablet. The goal of eYES is to make the survey more easily accessible to people.

To complete eYES your service will provide you with a code which identifies the service that you have been using. This is to make sure that your feedback is directed to the correct service. Simply enter the code number into the eYES tool. If you have a smartphone with a camera you can also scan the “QR” code which will be available on postcards and posters at your service.

Completing the eYES survey takes about ten minutes. If you choose you can include some details about yourself, such as your age and gender. This helps us to make sure we are receiving feedback from all consumers. You can also choose to see how your summary results compare with those from similar services.

All results are sent anonymously to a secure database. Together with results from paper YES surveys, they are used to provide detailed feedback reports to services. These reports are provided every month, with summary reports also provided every quarter.

For more information about YES and what people have said about NSW mental health services, see the Your Experience of Service 2020-21 report

Current as at: Thursday 24 March 2022
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