The NSW Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) has been a major provider of mental health workforce education in NSW since 1964. As part of the NSW Government's commitment to modernising and strengthening delivery of mental health education and training in NSW, the NSW Mental Health Commission was asked to conduct a functional review of the loP. The Review Report recommended that the loP be aligned with the mainstream health education sector to maximise opportunities for shared education and training and integrated governance and planning. The Report recommended that the NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) establish a mental health portfolio area and engage the current loP as the provider of education and training in that portfolio in the interim.

Progress of the transition will be carefully staged over the next three years with oversight by a transition committee chaired by the NSW Mental Health Commissioner. Initially, from January 2014, the corporate and administrative functions of the loP will be managed under local contract by HETI. As the transition progresses, the loP and HETI integration will allow for the expansion of mental health content, messages, linkages and learnings to every other area of health education and will support the NSW Government commitment to improving physical health for people with mental illness. During the transition there will be no disruption for current students, Fellows or Institute contractors and the loP will continue to enrol students, award Fellowships and tender for relevant contracts.

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