Mentoring for occupational therapists

MentorLink is a facilitated mentoring program for occupational therapists, co-ordinated by Occupational Therapy Australia. MentorLink is available to Occupational Therapists who are members Of Occupational Therapy Australia. Within a MentorLink partnership, a mentor and mentee work together to set goals around areas including:

  • career planning and development
  • clinical leadership
  • clinical reasoning
  • research
  • service development.

The MentorLink program does not offer clinical supervision, case review or clinical advice.

Clinical Supervision Support for Allied Health Professionals

The NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) offers e-learning in clinical supervision for allied health providers, including occupational therapists. The e-learning supplements the Superguide, which is a user friendly handbook designed to assist allied health professionals who are responsible for supervising other staff. The Superguide inlcudes templates, tips and resources to help allied health staff to get the most from their clinical supervision.

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